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Oh the subject says it all. go check em out and download them!

New songs in the audio portal from my band Karbomb

FACE the indie

2008-10-11 15:33:53 by jay-kellom

My indie project is up and underway. check it out on myspace.

much much much love.

FACE the indie

Soxx the Killer: Teaser II is out now.

2008-07-16 01:33:00 by jay-kellom

Yep. Sure is. Big file size to... I rule like that huh. Shitty i know. But the teaser is still there. Check it out and tell me what you think.

- Jay Kellom

Some art. Zhang ziyi

2008-06-16 01:40:33 by jay-kellom

Figured i would show this off :)
The lovely Zhang Ziyi

Some art. Zhang ziyi

Interview with Animated Horror

2008-05-30 14:52:33 by jay-kellom

The guys at Animated Horror were nice enough to let me share some insight on Soxx: the killer. please, enjoy:

Interview by Tyler Horror

Well, its been almost four years since Jay Kellom has released an animation, long over due some would say. Soxx the Killer Rabbit was released to the public in October of 2004, and was immediately adored by many, hated by some, (some parts of it even hated by the creator himself,) and written off as a tribute or copy cat by others. The louder voice came from the ones who demanded a sequel for the killer doll. It seems finally, that Mr. Kellom has got the ball rolling on the next Soxx. We got a chance to ask Jay about what's in stall for the morbid killer, and future plans. Possible a live action Soxx?

Q: So it's been four years since Soxx, why has it taken so long?

Jay Kellom: Well to be honest, right after I released Soxx on Newgrounds, and saw how fast people connected with it and really enjoyed, I jumped right into another script. I always wanted Soxx to be a series, but I didn't know how the public would react. So after the reviews started coming in, it was only natural to start writing the next installment. I took more time on it, worked on each character. I think the script went through four revisions before I was "happy" with it. Luckily the girl who did the voice for the first Soxx was into doing another, so we got her lines knocked out. Took about a month to find and finish all the voice acting, which was far better than the first one. The actors did a terrific job. I animated about 2 minutes of the story and realized, this is not what I wanted for Soxx. I didn't want flashy colors, a silly plot with morbid, not so funny jokes. At the time Hot Topic was coming into play, so my mindset was in marketing, not style. Which I hated, so I deleted everything. The script, the animation, the idea, everything. I wanted something more for Soxx, so I took some time off to reevaluate what Soxx was, and what it could be. And what it could be, was far more terrifying.

Q: If you could, would change something's in the pervious episode?

Kellom: Not at all. Animation is something you learn as you go. Plus, I'm my own worst critic, I will always find something wrong with everything I do. That's how you know your learning and bettering your work.

Q: Things have changed for Soxx, can you give us some insight?

Kellom: The story and the feeling is a lot darker. This episode has nothing to do with the pervious one. It has all new characters and whole new look. Soxx has gotten a face lift, a little taller, a different coat, more of a horror figure now, instead of just a "doll" that makes horrible jokes.

Q: This one isn't attempting to be funny?

Kellom: (laughs) No attempting here. This is one is definitely not for people who want to laugh.

Q: So, Soxx is going more in a horror direction?

Kellom: You don't really see any true horror animations. Its all just funny, sad, kung fu fighting (matrix style,) or sci fi stuff. Which is great, don't get me wrong, but it seems like there's not many wanting or willing to touch on the horror genre in animation. You've got horror point and click games, like Exmortis, which is a great game, but nothing animated. I'm hoping to see the horror side of animation become as popular as the "fighting sticks figures."

Q: Do you think you will lose some fans because of this transition?

Kellom: I hope not, but it probably will happen. All the ideas and reasons are the same, but like I said before, its not Hot Topicish anymore. No bright cartoony colors, or silly one liners. Its not going to be able to sit on a shelf next to Foamy, Animal Tree Friends, or Invader Zim That might make people not like it as much, or even at all. But I'm thinking with the new style, most of the old fans will enjoy it, and it will attract even more.

Q: Will the next installment be as long or longer?

Kellom: If it's longer, it won't be by much. I wish I could make it 45 minutes to an hour, but I'm only one guy. Maybe in the future they're will be a Soxx movie, maybe even live action... Maybe (grins.)

Q: Thank you for taking the time to answer some question, anything else you would like to add?

Kellom: Thank you so much for the opportunity. Soxx the killer is coming along nicely, I can't really give a date on which it will be finished, but I'm working day and night on it. Lots of coffee and no sleep, which has been doing wonders for the creative process. I found that no sleep opens your mind to a whole new world. There should be a trailer for it within a few weeks.
Check out Soxx's myspace for more info.

Thanks again, stay scared.


2008-05-25 14:30:34 by jay-kellom

Soxx is coming soon. I will have another trailer up. NOT a teaser. It will show scenes from the actual movie. I hope you are excited as much as i am.

Thanx and stay scared.